SUA Only Membership Package

Apply for your SUA-membership today and become part of an extensive network of experts in the field of urology.
Membership provides you with a variety of benefits, such as:

Subscription to Urology Annals

Receive a free, online subscription to the official SUA Journal; Urology Annals

Influence in the association

Be eligible to vote at the General Assembly, held during SUA’s annual meeting

Inclusion in ‘Find a Provider’

Increase your visibility by inclusion in the ‘Find a Provider’ directory

Meeting discounts

Get discounted registration fees for all SUA (co-)organized meetings, including the annual meeting

Representation of the SUA abroad

Get the opportunity to represent the SUA in national and international events (subject to specific conditions)

Stay updated!

All SUA members will receive the biannual newsletter (to be developed) with the latest society news, recent scientific research results, meeting updates, etc.

Volunteer opportunities

Have access to SUA committees or get involved in other special SUA-projects

International membership discounts

Receive discounted registration fees on membership in the SIU, EAU, AUA and any other society cooperating with the SUA.

SUA International Membership Package

Besides the SUA-only membership package, we encourage you to become part of a global network. Take advantage from a lot of extras by signing up for the SUA International Membership Package that includes memberships to the:



European Association of Urology



Société Internationale d’urologie

The SUA International Membership Package provides you with all benefits from the SUA Only package, completed with;


Free access to the guidelines


Discounts on EAU- and SIU-meetings


Access to urological knowledge databases


Eligibility for scholarships, grants, etc.


Access to high quality scientific journals


And much more!

Find out all about these membership benefits on the society websites and apply now for one of the membership packages below:

Active membership

SUA only Membership Package350 SAR
SUA International Membership Package950 SAR

Candidate membership

SUA only Membership Package180 SAR
SUA International Membership Package350 SAR

Are you a SUA-member already?

The SUA Executive Office will send you your renewal and confirmation by e-mail automatically at the beginning of each new calendar year.